Cumberland Trail Restoration Project

The SVGEF has teamed up with National Parks Authority, the Forestry Ministry and the Ministry of Tourism to restore the approximately one-mile-long Cumberland Nature Trail (CNT) to transform it into one that is safe to hike recreationally, safe for the use by forestry officers and scientists involved in the protection and monitoring of the population of the St. Vincent parrot and other endemic species found on the trail.

The project involves:

  1. Stabilizing the trail and construction of steps and benches where needed.
  2. The architectural and engineering design (by public bid) of four bridges to span the two river tributaries (Coffee River and Young Man’s Valley River) that cross the trail, benches for the trail, as well as a parrot observatory and a St. Vincent’s first zipline
  3. The project, in addition to community consultations on the importance of the trail and the St. Vincent parrot, will also involve the actual training of tour guides to be official guides for the trail.

In honour of our former late Chairman Hon. Henry Channon, an award will be given to the winning architecture concept design for the bridges, bird watching platform and zipline.

Forestry Officers
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