Paget Farm Primary School Well Upgrade, Water Security in Bequia.

USD $3708.00 awarded

The SVGEF is proud to partner with the Paget Farm Government School and Jeanie Ollivierre to restore an abandoned well. Water scarcity is a significant concern on Bequia with limited surface water they sometimes rely on water trucks delivered from the mainland St.Vincent during the dryer months of the year. This situation has serious implications as sometimes the school is unable to operate due to water shortages.

The water produced by the well will primarily be used for: the school’s agricultural program in the production of food for attending students, student and teacher hygiene, and for general school cleaning including managing the school bathrooms, which will allow the school to remain open during water shortages as they utilize their well.

Wells have been part of Bequia’s heritage from the time of their ancestors from the Lower Orinoco built wells across low lying areas on St Vincent and the Grenadines.  Wells are part of Bequia heritage and history.

Thanks to the dedicated teachers of the Paget Farm Government School and Sister Jeanie and Ken’s Trucking for making this small project possible.

This project is in support of UN sustainable development goal number 6, access to water for all.

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