Sea Turtle Monitoring Network

The SVGEF’s latest homegrown project sets out to establish a sea turtle monitoring network to further protect these incredibly important creatures across St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

This year’s program began with a series of training workshops facilitated by the expertise of Carla Daniel,  field director and co-ordinated by our in house SVGEF team to gather our local network of individuals from throughout the 32 islands involved in the protection of sea turtles.

The week brought together government agencies, coastal community members, and other local experts to expand the skills of current monitors and train new members, as well as review and prepare to revise administrative mechanisms such as government legislation and other crucial documents.

The primary goals of this year’s sea turtle project include:
1. A comprehensive update of the Sea Turtle Recovery Action Plan (STRAP)
2. Conducting another season of monitoring under our in-house program at the SVGEF.
3. Continue to build the network and strengthen the network of individuals involved in sea turtle monitoring throughout St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Throughout 2023 the SVGEF team, our monitors and strategic partners will be updating the STRAP, patrolling the beaches of St.Vincent, and receiving reports from our wider sea turtle network among the islands. This network is crucial to both help record data of nesting activity, combat poaching efforts, and continue to connect and motivate all involved in the coastal community as we play our roles in protecting nesting sea turtles in SVG.

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